Do you bring your camera with you when you go about your day with your family?

 Next time you’re heading out, don’t forget to pack it along, even if that just means your camera phone.

Go with the intention of taking at least 10 shots. Shoot 10 things that seem totally ordinary, or ask the kids to do something fun together, just for the photo – do as much or as little as you feel like. Just be sure to shoot with intention.

It may seem like a not-very-special day, but, looking back on your images, even just a month later, will feel magical (even the frowny faces 🙂 ).

The true power of stopping time, stopping those daily average moments. Because they’re normal today, but they won’t be normal tomorrow.

Stop – just stop that moment.

If I hadn’t packed my camera for our trip to the park, we wouldn’t have this forever-memory.

Love! Katy

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