She strapped on her $200 tango shoes before stepping into the rocky, swiftly flowing stream…


water dancer



I love almost every photo session I do. But I have to say the more creative shoots – the ones that push both me and my subjects (and the other creatives that are hard at work behind-the-scenes) to shift our thinking, push our mental boxes a bit wider, and inspire more interesting things, have a special place in my heart. Every time I do these shoots, I’m raising my bar a little higher. We could get into more psychology here, but I’m going to stick to visual things and share images from a creative shoot with Cindy Gottlob.

Cindy had a career with the Joffrey ballet and is now a mom, competitive tango dancer, dance instructor, and all-around excellent person with an endless font of creativity.  I’m so thankful to have met her and look forward to doing more with her in the future!  Thanks also to Jennifer Ngo, our hair and makeup artist. She can work both in and out of water.   This shoot provided a wide range of images. We had a good amount of time to play and a long summer evening. We experimented in the studio, in the water, on the trail and in the grass.

And those shoes? Cindy said that the water helped shrink them back to a tight, proper fit. Risk-taking has perks!

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. What kind of creative shoot would YOU like to see?


Artistic Portraits Evergreen Colorado

Parasol Walking in the Woods

Ballerina with parasol, dancer in the studio, natural light

Ballerina with Parasol in the Studio

Ballerina with parasol reflective twins

Dancer in the trees


xo, Katy

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