This weekend we’ll be kicking off the Evergreen Women project, documenting as many area women as possible.


Please join us! I want to capture your image, hear your story and share it with others in our community.


Why? There are a few reasons:


1. Howdy Neighbor – (The Who)
We live in an area where there aren’t the traditional midwestern neighborhoods like I grew up in. I used to know all my neighbors, their kids, their pets…
Once, soon after I moved to the area, I was working as a waitress (in the restaurant formerly known as Dick’s Hickory Dock) and was chatting with some of my customers. After a while we realized that we were neighbors – next door neighbors and we didn’t even recognize each other! We had an acre of land between us and we never saw each other, except from a great distance. So, one reason for this project, is so that we can get to know our neighbors.
2. You’re here on purpose – (The Where)
Evergreen is pretty amazing. This climate is about as perfect as it gets. The scenery is some of Mother Nature’s best work. The open space parks are world class. We have THE best dog park on the planet. We’re full of wilderness, but we are within an hour of downtown Denver, we have our privacy, but we also have many strong community ties. We are a perfect mix of nature, culture, restaurants, activities and people tend to live here on purpose, even if they’ve found themselves “just” born and/or raised here.
We choose to stay, we love this place and we didn’t just get here by accident, or because of an unfortunate job transfer. Most people are here with intention.
3. Storyteller – (The Why)
We’ve all had a unique journey and we’ve learned some big and little life lessons. We’ve had some adventures, we’ve fallen in (and out) of love, we’ve travelled. We’ve tried, we’ve failed, we’ve succeeded.
Everyone has a story and I want to get to know yours. Every face tells a story and I want to photograph yours.
Please join me this Saturday and Sunday (10-5) at the studio for the kickoff to the Evergreen Women documentary project that will take place during the Open Door Studios Tour. Bring your best smile and be a part of an ongoing, growing legacy. Be sure to check back to the website as it grows and evolves with every new participant.
Learn more about the excellent Open Door Studios Tour and all of the artists here:
I’m artist #9 on the official map.
See you soon!
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