Tis the season for photographer busy season as everybody realizes they don’t have a good, recent family photo for their Christmas cards. I’m giving you a super-secret hint here: Next year, book this in Summer or Fall, when you’re tan and relaxed and colors are vibrant. It is fun to get the winter shot as well, but mix it up and save your family the mad-rush to your nearest and dearest photog.

This year, I did something out-of-the-norm to accommodate many families before the holidays. We set up a couple of days and scheduled family mini sessions. I was surprised how fun it was – high energy, focused family time and great smiles. I don’t recommend this for the littlest ones, who often need more time to get comfortable and warm up in front of a new person, but for the families with older (5+ years) it was perfect. Just enough time to get great shots before anybody has a chance to get tired and/or jaded.

Enough talking! Proof is in the pudding, and I’d love to share a few of my favorite photos from the event. Thanks for visiting!  (P.S. I’ll add a few more favorites later after I finish up edits)

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