D'Evelyn High School Senior Photographer Model Rep 01

We are now accepting applications for Class of 2015 Senior Model Reps!

We need girls (and maybe a few brave dudes) from the Evergreen/Conifer/Golden/Lakewood area to represent our photography studio for your class of 2015.

You might be who we’re looking for!

Click here to get to the application form. 

If you’re debating giving this a try – fill the app out now. Limited time before we start and a limited number of reps for each school!

These shots are all from Leah’s in-studio rep shoot last spring. What will your shoot look like?


golden high school senior photographer 04

High School Senior Photography Model Leah 01

golden high school photographer model 07

evergreen high school photography model leah 02


evergreen high school model leah 03


lakewood high school senior photographer model 05

d'evelyn high school senior photographer 08

d'evelyn high school photographer rep 09

evergreen high school senior model 12

d'evelyn high school senior photographer 11

lakewood high school senior photographer model 06


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