high school senior photo evergreen colorado

We almost thought we were going to get a spring snow shoot. But the flurries were so elusive and flurried that we never seemed to get them in our shots.

Even so, I’m loving what came out of this session. Miss Em is wearing new arrivals from Dare Boutique in Evergreen (also in Denver) and Marian was our hair stylist, Sasha was our makeup artist. Both Marian and Sasha can be found at Alpine Ridge Salon & Spa.

I love Emily’s range of expressions and looks in these series of images. She looks like different famous actresses – it changes from image to image.

What do you think? As always, I love to hear your thoughts – comment below!

xo, Katy

high school senior photo evergreen 02

high school senior photog evergreen colorado 03

alpine ridge salon door

high school senior photo evergreen

photographer evergreen colorado

high school senior photo 04

senior photog evergreen colorado

senior photo evergreen colorado

senior photo fashion evergreen colorado

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