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I have two kids that attend the Montessori school here in Evergreen and it’s the first school/child care place I’ve taken them where I feel really good leaving them to have a few hours without me. And it’s not just a matter of caring for basic needs.  They’re flourishing and becoming little independent people that can clean up after they eat, hang their coats and kindly take turns. It’s pretty amazing to witness the change. Miracles can and do happen.  And at the head of this magical place, you’ll find Beth Heller. My 4-year-old is certain that Beth is a fairy princess, which is an understandable mistake. She fits the bill with her effervescent personality, great smile and excellent fashion sense. She’s a natural with our children and she also has some great ideas about education and supports new ways to learn. You can read some of Beth’s thoughtful articles on education HERE.

You can learn more about Montessori School of Evergreen HERE.

We photographed Beth in a few locations around the Troutdale Campus. I love photographing in there – beautiful light, fun colors and textures and patterns, and many cute kids, hard at work.

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