Meeting Mary Ayers, Coaching Specialist and Tapping Expert | Portrait Headshots in Evergreen, Colorado

Mary Ayers Tapping Coach

Mary is one of those people who immediately makes you feel comfortable, like an old friend where you pick up a fun conversation with no effort. It makes sense that Mary is in a field where she is helping people. She helps you break through mental blocks and find and live your dreams. Pretty darn amazing.  I’m so glad to have met another great person in Evergreen! You can learn more about Mary and see how she can help you find your path to success at her website:

Mary Ayers Tapping Specialist

Through Mary, I also met her husband Bruce, who is an amazing acupuncturist. He saved me from some incredible pain from a shoulder injury (these cameras get HEAVY!). I highly recommend him!

You can find him sharing an office suite with Mary – these two are an adorable couple. Check out Bruce’s website here:

Mary and Bruce Ayers Tapping Coach and Acupuncturistxo, Katy

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