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Yay! Welcome to the new website for Katy Moses Photography. I’m happy to have you here as we celebrate many fun and exciting changes this year. In late Spring, I made the switch to full-time photography (from interior design), and I opened a studio just a few weeks ago! It’s still in-progress, but the light is amazing and I’ve already had several killer photo sessions there. I cannot wait to do more!

Moving into this studio location, I’ve found a new niche of wonderfulness: the ability to have a place where women can relax, be pampered in a full makeover session and then capture their beauty in a nice, light, bright and cheerful studio space. How cool is that? I’m looking for more ladies to take advantage of this modern glamour experience. This is not the Glamour Shots of the 80s… this is about you, today, looking like you should be gracing the cover of a magazine today. You’ll be put in the capable hands of a professional hair and makeup artist who will work with you, defining and highlighting your features – as much or as little as you want. This is a great way to pick up some new application and styling tips and tricks. Then we’ll head into the studio and I will gently guide you through all the poses that will having you truly rockin’ the shot.

I love helping women see the beauty they already possess – both inside and out – this is such a fun experience to photograph. Documenting the change from everyday beauty, taking it up a few notches to gorgeous glamourous is truly awesome for me and is such a gift to see the light and sparkle in your eyes as they glow with excitement, feeling how special, loved and beautiful you are. Photographing you and creating beautiful portraits for you to hold and treasure forever is truly an honor and I so appreciate your trust in me. This is something I love to do, but I cannot do it without you!

Please check out the Before & After section to see some of the recent transformations. Be sure to keep checking the website and the blog as I’ll keep sharing images of the amazing ladies that come to visit me.

Please call or email me with any questions or to find out more details. I truly cannot wait to work with you!

Hugs, Katy


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