vogue.it_katymosesphotography_image Mary to the Mountains in the creek

Photoshoot concepts sometimes come with premeditation, sometimes they come on-the-fly. Often, for me, it’s a combination. I’ll hear about some photographers who will fully map out a shoot and have a firm strategy before the shutter snaps once. I think that’s amazing and I wonder if that’s something to aspire to achieve? Maybe. I don’t know if my brain will every be that organized.

For this shoot, I had a strong vision going in of exactly what I wanted. And I got it (secret: it’s the fifth image from the top). But then I kept shooting, playing with angles and working with Charistina’s ideas and what she brought to the table (creek, ground, whatever). And I loved these even more. Welcome to images that I love and that were started with a simple idea and then – with intention, conversation, meditation and experimenting with angles and with post-processing became something I will always hold dear.  This shoot was done in collaboration with Charistina Armbruster, an amazing model, creative thinker, and someone who gets things done. She is warm and kind – an all-around wonderful person. The beauty you see here is on par with what she carries inside.

I share these images and hope you feel a connection to them as well.

The first shot was featured in Vogue Italia’s online publication (very exciting for both Charistina and me!). You can click on the image to visit the Vogue Italia site.

Lace and grace laying in the creek

Lace and reaching in the water


Purity of water, beauty and grace

Drowning with leaves and lipstick


Beauty close-up in water

Charistina in water Sophia Loren likenessxo, Katy


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