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Siblings Katy Moses Photography

MSE – 2018 Photo Days are Aug 28 (Marshdale) & Aug 29 (Troutdale)

Watch this space – and your MSE Link – for updates! It typically takes a few weeks for photo editing and prep before they’re ready to order. You’ll receive an update in the MSE Link when your online galleries are activated and ready for orders.


Preparing for your school photos:

  • DO double-check faces, teeth and noses before you drop off your child.
  • DO give hair extra TLC that morning.
  • DO pick out clothes with your child so that they feel comfortable and you’re happy too! (I still have nightmares about the puffy shirts my mom made me wear!)
  • DON’T choose fluorescent colors! While fun, the bright colors reflect and throw off skin tones.
  • DON’T choose logo/graphic shirts that you won’t want to look at 6 mos from now.
  • DON’T pack a messy lunch (or if you do, send a back-up shirt, just in case)
  • DO mark your calendars and set your reminders for your Portrait Day. We look forward to seeing your little ones again!

Sibling Photo Sign-Up: We offer sibling group photos to all siblings, whether they currently attend MSE or not. This includes siblings in high school and other schools. These photos take place prior to the start of the school day at each campus. YOU MUST RSVP for sibling photos by sending an email to: info@katymosesphotos.com

Thanks for your support and understanding in helping us keep your Portrait Day running as smoothly as possible.

ORDERING – Stay tuned for updates! The following info will help you once the galleries are active.

Please note:

Your child has portraits in TWO settings – the ‘outdoor’ as well as the ‘studio’ with the black backdrop. Be sure to check out the new “outtakes” folder for each campus to see if we have some bonus shots of your child!

Questions? Please let us know PRIOR to ordering: info@katymosesphotos.com

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Please read all the information below. Any school-related questions: info@katymosesphotos.com and include “MSE School Portraits” in the subject line.

Email is the best way to contact us for any school photography related questions!

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Quick reference: To view and bookmark the products and pricing page, click here: MSE 2018 Products & Pricing – Use this as a handy reference for packages.

When you order online, you may select multiple images for each package.

When using a paper order form, you may only select one image per package

 If you need extra assistance or need to pay via check/cash, please contact  info@katymosesphotos.com and we’ll arrange a solution for you. 

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Welcome to your 2018 MSE School Portraits!

We are thrilled to be back for our SIXTH year at MSE. It’s so fun to see how much our little ones have changed in that time.

To find your child’s images, choose their campus and their teacher’s gallery. When you click on any image, you’ll have the option to “star” it, which will save it as a favorite. You can also play with the black&white button to preview your image in b&w.

PLEASE NOTE – most of the children were photographed in two settings: against a black backdrop and also in an outdoor setting. Be sure to look for all your child’s images in their gallery. Be sure to star your favorites to keep track, especially if you have multiple children. Please note that we have a new OUTTAKES gallery, to include other fun, not-quite-typical shots we might have grabbed of your child. (Think tongue-sticking-out, other silly faces, artistic angles or blur, etc.)

Price List: For convenient reference, you can view the product and price list HERE.

Portrait Packages: To see package options, use link above, or click on the grey button “Available Discounts” in the bottom left of the window after you select the shopping cart button under any image. Just add the items to your cart and the best discount will automatically apply.

Black & White Option: All print images may be ordered in black & white. In your child’s series, you’ll see a black & white sample. You may click on the B&W button below any color image to sample what it will look like in black & white.

Digital Files: Digital files can only be downloaded to a computer, they can NOT be downloaded to an iPad or other mobile device. If you are not familiar with downloading web files, please contact us and for an additional $25, you will receive a CD with your selected images.  Digital Files are sized for printing to 11×14 or smaller.

Retouch: If you’d like your child’s portrait to be retouched (skin blemishes, hair, etc.), it is available for $25 per image. Please email with your child’s campus, teacher and image numbers. All retouch requests must be received and paid for by the deadline.

Paper Order Form: If you prefer to use a paper order form, you may download and print the ORDER FORM PDF. Please complete before Monday, October 3rd and either deliver to the MSE front desk or mail to: Katy Moses Photography Studio, 30706 Bryant Drive #101, Evergreen 80439

Siblings: You can view sibling images in their own “Sibling” gallery.

Gallery Link: Due to privacy concerns, please go to the MSE Link email to find the web link as well as the password for access to this year’s photos.

Questions? PLEASE ask any questions prior to placing your order! It is difficult to make changes to orders – but very easy to answer your questions. We’re here for you! info@katymosesphotos.com

FAQ: “I want more than 10 digitals and the largest package I see includes only 10 digital images”  ~ We’re happy to extend the lowest per-image pricing to any images you’d like to add-on. Please be sure to contact us as we’ll have to set up a custom order for you. It’s no problem to do it, but be sure to reach out to us – do NOT place an online order as we can’t reverse a digital order once it’s been placed. Email info@katymosesphotos.com to begin that order.

“I have an iPad and I’m having trouble downloading images.” ~ The online gallery we use does not allow for downloads to iPads or other mobile devices at this time. You’ll either need to download to your desktop, laptop, or, for an additional $25 you can purchase a CD of your digital order.

“I’m having trouble figuring out how the packages work.” ~ Once you select the images that are in the packages, the package pricing will automatically calculate for you. When ordering online, you can mix and match images in a package. It may help to reference the Pricing & Products Page here. And, if you’d prefer to use a paper order form you can download the Paper Order Form PDF here, but only one image can be used per package when using a paper order form.  

“When are my orders due?” ~ All orders are due by midnight, MONDAY, OCTOBER 23rd. All orders will be shipped to the address you provide.

“My child has some acne we’d like to touch-up. Can you do this?” ~Yes! We offer retouch for any image for $25 per image. Please email us asap with your child’s name, campus, teacher and file number(s). All touch up requests must be submitted by the deadline.

“Help! I can’t decide!!” ~My best advice to all my clients? Have fun with this. Set aside some time in the next couple days to go through the images and star your favorites. Make a list of everyone who might like to receive a print – grandmas, aunts, uncles, your best friend, etc. Trust your gut. The images you like first are the ones you’re typically going to like the best, the longest. Don’t over-analyze any one image. Just keep moving and choose what you’d like and get back to life! You can ‘star’ any image by hovering over it and clicking the star icon. This will add that image to your ‘favorites’ group. You can share your favorites with a family member and they can share with you, too. We had a LOT of fun photographing your little ones this year and we hope you enjoy your images. I recommend making your selections in one sitting, and not stopping-and-starting as it’s hard to remember where you were in the process and you lose some momentum and get more ‘brain damage’. 

As more questions come in, we’ll update this FAQ, so keep checking back. Please direct your questions to info@katymosesphotos.com  and add “MSE School Portraits” in the subject line. This is the best way to reach us for anything school-related. As always, if you have feedback for making this process easier for you and others, please share your ideas. We might not be able to implement this year, but we can make a note of it for next time. Thanks!

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About your photographers: Katy & Annie are both award-winning, local photographers, with a studio on Bryant Drive. You can see more of Katy’s work online at KatyMosesPhotography.com and find Annie online at AnnieCoppockPhotography.com

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