Storytelling Headshots for Entrepreneurs

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I often get asked about these “Storytelling Headshots for Entrepreneurs”…

Questions like:

Why are they “storytelling”? What if I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur? I’m pretty sure all I need is just a basic headshot for social media, why would I do this? 

So I’ll just go ahead and tell you why you absolutely need one of these sessions! Well, maybe you don’t, but if you’re here, reading this, you probably do. You are here for a reason and maybe your subconscious mind knows something you don’t know. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t – coy, it is.

Back on task. Here’s what these sessions are all about. They’re about ease and flow. They’re about integrity and alignment. They’re about intuition and inspiration.  You don’t have to be a master of any of these concepts, but, in our conversations, we’ll connect to that place where you feel these things. These amazing, perfect things and how they translate to the work you’re doing, the art you’re putting out to the world and the people you best connect with in the wonderful Land o’ The Ideal Client.

When we connect to that part of you that is inspired and loves what she does, we can talk about how that radiates into every part of your businesses.

Here’s what we clarify: What is your message? Who do you serve? Why do you do this work?

Then we translate that into visuals. What is your brand? Your style? Your personality? How does your message and your other vital elements weave into these visuals?

Then we play. Maybe we consult with a branding or logo specialist. Maybe we have a stylist on-board. You do get to visit the salon (unless you prefer not to), get pampered as they do your hair and makeup and then we shoot.

We take all those elements of you, your business, your message, your brand and intuitively pull it together in a way that is all about you and letting the people you love and who love you connect to you more easily. They’ll see you and understand – maybe subconsciously (there’s that wise subconscious again) – that there’s something about you that they want to know more about. It’s a Love at First Sight situation.

Our goal is to get you more clients, amazing clients, just by sharing a little bit more of beautiful you.

Are you ready to check it out? You can ask your subconscious first, but I’m pretty sure she’s already telling you to schedule something. Let’s chat – all of us!

You can email me here:   or call/text: 720.988.9810

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Are you interested in traveling with me to Europe in the Summer of 2016? Or maybe you’re already there? Perfect! Send me a note and let me know you’re interested in those specific updates and I’ll keep you in the loop as plans develop. You’ll also get first dibs on the limited sessions. You can read a little bit more about it in this post. It’s towards the bottom of the page. Shoot me a note and let me know – I’ll add you to that list:


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