Modern Glamour & Boudoir Shoots

Prepare to be pampered as you put yourself in the skilled hands of one of my hair & make-up artists. They will transform you from your everyday loveliness and take it up a few notches to really define and highlight your best features, making you truly shine.

After hair and make-up, we’ll move you into our cheerful natural light studio – or to the great outdoors (boudoir typically stays indoors :-)…). I will take you through many different poses, again, accentuating your best features and really working with your angles and curves to make some amazing photographs. No modeling experience necessary – I’ll take you through it all with careful direction, making you look like a pro.

When the shoot is done, continue your special day with a hot date with your favorite guy or hit the town for a girls’ night out. You’re going to look and feel amazing, so really make it BIG.

A week or two after our shoot, we’ll schedule your Ordering Session, when we bring you back to the studio for a special viewing of your images. You just sit and relax while we present you with all the best photographs of your day. We’ll walk you through the beautiful product options and help you visualize what you’d love the most. These artwork images will be yours to treasure forever, a reminder of your amazing beauty.

Family Shoots

Many times, we’ll try to incorporate a pamper session and glamour shoot for Mom (see above) with a family session. We’ll start with Mom and then we’ll add the family later, either in-studio or on-location. When we’re photographing just the Little folks, we’ll often shoot on-location (we live in Colorado, after all, and our children love to run around and explore it!) as this gives us more options to interact with them as they move in their kid-like ways. We’ll work through our game plan in our pre-session consultation. This pre-session consult is when we’ll work through timing, locations and we’ll talk about where you’re thinking about placing your portraits, as this could inspire particular clothing choices and posing styles (more casual or more formal depending on your personal tastes).