October 25, 2012

Why do I post Before & After images, you ask?

Well, because you want to see them!

But wait, you ask (ask as many questions as you like, they’re my favorite), do these ladies really want their Before images up for the world to see? Aren’t they hesitant to show these images side-by-side?

Well, I answer, the reason I post these (with permission) is to show how accessible the After is to everyone. This magical transformation is our specialty. It’s what we love to do and we know that you are intrigued by it too. The Before & After page gets the most traffic of any on my website (thank you Google Analytics, for allowing me to stalk my own website). But the real magic is that the After image is still you – little ol’ you – just awesomeized, radiant. You deserve to see yourself this way and it’s super-fun to see the reaction of friends, family and significant others when they see what you look like when you take the time to enjoy a Modern(!) Glamour makeover session. It’s a wonderful experience and you’ll take away happy memories from your day as well as images you will always treasure.   These After images will serve you well on days you feel lost in your Before-ness. They will continue to inspire you to set your bar higher, to make grander goals and to live life a little bit bigger. The After is just a glimpse of your dreams made real.

xox, Katy


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